Android Themes

Available on the Google Play Store
BigDX themes have been on the Play Store for years.
Over those years they have improved in design and functionality.
My themes are some of the most complete on Play Store
BigDX Themes
Featured Launcher Themes
CyanogenMod 11 Themes
New theme engine, new theme
My CM11 themes have been completely revamped
to be compatible with new theme engine introduced
by CyanogenMod ROM. I even support new and legacy
versions of themes from one app in play store.

More Info

Original, Custom Design


When approaching a new idea, my main focus is to create a design that is distinctly visible and clean. With that in mind, I take every day influences and mold them into a great visual experience.


I strive to create products that I would want to use on a daily basis. It's a simple code that I follow with everything I work on and don't plan on deviating from that course.


I aim to be compatible with all of the top offerings available to users. I always go the extra mile to debug and test on a multi platform to ensure this.

Customer Service

I understand that everything doesn't always "just work" and fully commit to helping each and every customer with whatever questions they have.